Dr. Vernon Neppe and Dr. Edward Close have created a series of YouTube videos you may enjoy and find educational.

Please note these YouTubes are targeted for the interested general audience.
They are not meant to be for scientist specialists. They are to illustrate principles.
Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove has created an important historical archive series entitled “New Thinking Allowed”. We are proud to place here eight interviews that Dr. Mishlove did with Dr. Vernon Neppe:

Déjà Vu with Vernon Neppe (New Thinking Allowed)
Extraordinarily important in demonstrating phenomenological terminology, besides key features of déjà vu. Dr Neppe is the world expert on déjà vu. (Mishlove, 28:05 minutes)

Psychic Experience and the Brain with Vernon Neppe (New Thinking Allowed)
This is fundamental and needs educating even amongst Consciousness Researchers. Many are ignorant about this work. Dr Neppe’s pioneering work on the temporal lobe and the brain and psi is fundamental to the area. (Mishlove, 29:40 minutes)

The Nature of Psi with Vernon Neppe (New Thinking Allowed)
What is more fundamental for Consciousness Researchers? This explains not only the 9 areas of psi that show frequentist statistics of 1 in a billion against chance. Many are ignorant about this work but it is key as this is part of our reality. Moreover, in this video, Dr Neppe alludes briefly to the Neppe-Close explanation of mechanisms of psi by applying concepts in TDVP. Therefore there is a way to explain psi by a single mechanism. (Mishlove, 28:32)

Space, Time, and Consciousness with Vernon Neppe (New Thinking Allowed)
This is key data pertaining to the Neppe-Close TDVP paradigm shift. It reflects possibly a key fundamental change in thinking. (Mishlove, 26:41 minutes)

Reality Begins with Consciousness with Vernon Neppe (New Thinking Allowed)
Why consciousness is so fundamental to our existence even when we don’t recognize it. (Mishlove, 26:44 minutes)

Theories of Everything with Vernon Neppe (New Thinking Allowed)
This video give a perspective on why the Neppe-Close TDVP model is so much better than any other so-called “Theory of Everything” that so far been developed. Each of these three interviews (“Space, Time and Consciousness,” “Reality Begins with Consciousness” and “Theories of Everything”) are effectively major units but they’re incomplete without the other two. (Mishlove, 27:09 minutes)

Philosophy, Mysticism, Spirituality, and Science with Vernon Neppe (New Thinking Allowed)
This relates to the Neppe-Close philosophy of Unified Monism. This is the only philosophical model that derives directly from a scientific-mathematical model (TDVP). Unified Monism turns out to have strong similarities philosophically with Kabbalic mysticism. Dr Neppe compares Unified Monism with many philosophies, and it seamlessly connects with theories of our physical reality, as well as radical findings like survival after death, as well as allowing for psi. (Mishlove, 26:23 minutes)

The Chess Game from Beyond the Grave (New Thinking Allowed)
This has already provoked great interest amongst Consciousness Resarchers. It is regarded by many as the best proof of survival after death. (Mishlove, 28:36 minutes)

About Gimmel and some remarkable discoveries

1. Prelude to the Kane-Neppe Vimeo

The remarkable voyage of discovery below took place in the main foyer of the Grand Waikikian Hotel of the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Honolulu in of December 2017. The many background perturbations from active vacationers performing their day-to-day hotel business, give a certain humanity to this hard-line scientific discussion for laypersons. This interview is simply destined to become a classic because it describes phenomena that literally change our awareness of what reality is all about.

For perspective, in 2011, Dr Edward Close and Dr Vernon Neppe developed “Triadic Dimensional Distinction Vortical Paradigm”. (TDVP also called TDdVP). Since then their joint model has progressed enormously, and with each discovery, this ‘Theory of Everything’ (what they call ‘metaparadigm’ to reflect its broad scope) has developed more and more. They’ve tested numerous hypotheses and they have all turned out to be correct mathematically and none have been refuted. This has been expected for a TOE in which the fundamental model has been sound. But they also have differentiated aspects they cannot completely prove such as there are three dimensions each of Space, Time and Consciousness. This is described below on VernonNeppe/presents in Vernon Neppe Interview by Sherri Kane on “Gimmel” and “God Consciousness” Proven by Math.

2. Not the “God Particle” but better. Vernon Neppe Interview by Sherri Kane on "Gimmel" and "God Consciousness" Proven by Math:

This is how Sherri Kane, the interviewer, describes this Vimeo movie (43 minutes):

“This is an hour-long impromptu interview of the genius author of more than 700 scientific articles and numerous books, Dr Vernon Neppe, MD, PhD, Fellow Royal Society (SAf), and Distinguished Professor of the Exceptional Creative Achievement Organization. Sherri Kane, Vice President of Medical Veritas International, Inc., invites this pioneering and creative Consciousness Researcher and Dimensional Biopsychophysicist (including prodigy mathematician and remarkable physics scholar) to share what he and his colleague, another math genius, Edward Close, believe is better than the so-called “God Particle.” This is a hotly-debated topic in Atomic Physics at present. Instead, Dr. Neppe describes a third property, “Gimmel”, and gimmel is potentially intertwined with the “God Matrix.” Neppe and Close’s mathematical proofs have given humanity renewed hope for civilization’s emergence from darkness into “consciousness” for a healthier, happier, and more enlightened living. And this might have everything to do with vibrational frequencies even including ‘consciousness’ and Dr. Horowitz’s “LOVE 528Hz” frequency for medicinal music-making. Dr Neppe has used the term “Vibrational Equivalence Frequency” (VEF) to emphasize the link of these vibrations not only in Space and Time but in Consciousness. Some of Dr Neppe’s YouTubes and videos on these topics appear at

His books are on www.

Professor Neppe’s achievements in Medicine are also exceptional: He has been recognized in every edition of Castle Connolly’s peer-selected “America’s Top Doctors”. Moreover, he appears to be the only physician ever listed by them in 5 specialties and subspecialties: In psychiatry (in which he is a “Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association”); in psychopharmacology (as one of the “Leading Psychopharmacologists of the 20th century”); in behavioral neurology and neuropsychiatry (in which disciplines, Dr Neppe was a world-wide pioneer having established the first division of neuropsychiatry in the United States); and in forensic psychiatry/ neuropsychiatry (in which he is retained as one of the leading civil experts in the USA and beyond). His medical website includes”

Published on January 9, 2018 by Revolution Television. We thank for permission to post.

3. Perspective to TDVP, gimmel and the Kane-Neppe interview.

Professor Neppe discusses the model that he and Dr Edward Close developed “Triadic Dimensional Distinction Vortical Paradigm”. (TDVP also called TDdVP). This was in part reflected in their classic book “Reality Begins with Consciousness: A Paradigm Shift that Works” (Editions 1 to 5) ( and in their further discoveries including l refutations of Atomic Materialism and the mathematical demonstration of ‘Triadic Rotational Units of Equivalence’ (TRUE units). A major core discovery was the mathematical and practical necessity of the fact that mass and energy alone was not enough. There is always a need for a ‘third substance or process’ called ’gimmel’ even at the atomic level. Doctors Close and Neppe regard gimmel as likely to reflect (in part or whole) ‘consciousness’ depending on the dimensional level. But even more so cosmologically, gimmel correlates very strongly with Dark Matter and Dark Energy, and remarkably the gimmel correlates with these dark substances in the atom itself—with electrons (dark energy) and with the protons/ neutrons (dark matter), requiring a 9-D explanation to understand how it fits. Dr Neppe distinguishes the 9-dimensional quantized finite reality (‘9-D’) that we exist in from the ‘3S-1t’—the physical reality of 3 spatial dimensions in a moment in time (the present) that we experience. (3S-1t). 9-D turns the whole of reality around: It even has implications for psi phenomena and possibly life after death. This 9D quantized volumetric finite reality likely consists of 3 dimensions each of Space, Time and Consciousness. However, 9-D itself is incomplete: This ‘9-D finite quantized existence’ is necessarily and always embedded in a continuous infinite. We cannot have a finite without the infinite. This makes everything into a profound single reality. Gimmel might play a role in both: It might derive from the infinite and impacts every particle in the finite. Also, Neppe and Close describe ‘ordropy’— the concept of the ‘tendency to order in the infinite reality’. This is in contrast with the known finite physical reality ‘tendency to disorder’ called ‘entropy’ in the finite). Ordropy implies that ‘life’ always exists. There is no physical death. Importantly, too, Dr Neppe alludes to a most remarkable finding: That the mass-energy equivalences are exactly equal to the ‘normalized’ results in the Large Hadron Collider. This means their results are not just mathematical operations but real empirical data relevant to the world!

From the Forever Family Foundation‘s “Signs of Life”:

NEW: Dr. Neppe Returns to Signs of Life

Second interview with Dr. Neppe for the Forever Family Foundation’s “Signs of Life” radio show (2017).Consciousness in Practice, 9 Dimensions and Memory, Time, Altered States of Consciousness

Interview with Dr. Neppe for the Forever Family Foundation’s “Signs of Life” radio show (2013). Watch for the first in the series of God Matrix: Answers that Make Sense. (Reality Begins with Consciousness, 5th ed.)

From “Science and Spirituality TV” featuring Dr. Edward Close:

Science and Spirituality TV Welcome
Introducing Science and Spirituality TV – Devoted to the pursuit of truth in the unbiased quest to unite science with spirituality in a comprehensive new scientific paradigm – a true theory of everything. For more information visit (Close, 5:07 minutes)

A Real Theory of Everything
What does it take to make a theory a Theory of Everything? Combining matter, energy, space and time. Or is there something else that has to be included? (Close, 4:30 minutes)

My Story – The Vision
Edward R Close shares the inspiration and vision behind the Close/Neppe Theory of Everything. (Close, 4:52 minutes)

What Is Unique About The Close-Neppe Theory of Everything
A Theory of Everything must not only be internally consistent, it must also provide new mathematics that can help us understand a larger part of the reality we experience. What makes the Close/Neppe Theory of Everything Unique? (Close, 4:59)

God’s Love in Numbers – Mathematics Made Simple
Poetry, Art, Music, and Science are all attempts of the Human Spirit to understand ourselves, the world around us, and how the universe works. Mathematics is the language that we use to describe the physical laws that we find operating in the physical universe. Mathematics also relates to poetry, music and art. Why is that? Because mathematics is a simplified language. It is a reflection of the mind of God and His unconditional love is so great that when he created us he made certain we would be able to discover Him through the pursuit of truth. (Close, 2:56 minutes)

Putting Consciousness Into The Equations The Calculus of Distinctions
The Calculus of Distinctions is briefly described in this video. This Calculus of Distinctions developed by Edward R Close, PhD, precedes the Calculus of Newton and Leibnitz and allows the author to examine physical reality from a new perspective that incorporates Consciousness in the equations. Warning: Mathematics, Equations, something for real Scientists has been included in this video. (Close, 13:38 minutes)

Uniting Science and Spirituality
Why is there no currently accepted Theory of Everything? How can anyone possibly unite Science and Spirituality? What links these two disparate approaches to truth? (Close, 7:39)

The Most Important Question
Modern science has largely ignored the most important question, posed by one of the world’s most respected scientists nearly 300 years ago. What is that Most Important Question and is an answer to that question possible? (Close, 5:33)

Symmetry And Stability
Edward R Close, PhD, explains why symmetry is necessary for stability in TDVP, the Close/Neppe Theory of Everything. (Close, 7:45 minutes)

The Electron, Relativity and True Units
(Close, 7:45 minutes)

Explaining the Unexplainable
Non-locality, the speed of light, and how we determine True Units! The weirdness of Quantum Physics, Relativity’s guiding principle, and what the LHC tell us about True Units. Presented are necessary concepts for the non-mathematician or scientist. (Close, 15:28 minutes)

True Quantum Units, 3 Dimensions of Time and the Big Bang Myth
The Close-Neppe Theory of Everything unites relativity, quantum physics, and cosmology, explaining and providing new meaning for many of the mysteries of the current scientific paradigm. In this video you will learn about 2 current mysteries, how they are resolved, and what that means about the Big Bang. 1. Why is there something rather than nothing? 2. Why are Hydrogen atoms stable? 3. Why there was no Big Bang. (Close, 15:32 minutes)

The New Physics of Multi Dimensional Reality
Why is there a need for new physics beyond the discoveries of Planck, Einstein and Bohr? What is the difference between the TRUE unit and the electron? How do we know that Reality has more than 4 dimensions and does that change the way particle collider data should be interpreted? These questions are examined and answered in this video. No mathematical equations are utilized in this video. (Close, 6:31 minutes)

The New Science of TDVP Particles Spinning in 9 Dimensions
How do you visualize objects spinning in several dimensions? Why do elementary particles exhibit an intrinsic spin, called quantum spin number, that contributes to the angular momentum of the particle? No mathematical equations in this video. (Close, 10:05 minutes)

What is Mass?
If, as Max Planck said, there is no matter, then what is mass? In this video, we answer this question, and in the process answer several other questions that have puzzled physicists for decades. What are elementary particles when they are not being observed and measured? Particles? Waves? Both? or Neither? Can the answer to the questions “What is mass?” also explain non-local action-at-a-distance phenomena like gravity and quantum entanglement? (Close, 16:32 minutes)

What Are Dimensions?
Length, Width, Height, curled-up, space-like, time-like, separate, connected – What are Dimensions? Learn how the extra dimensions proposed in the Close/Neppe TDVP science of the future relate to familiar known dimensions, what they are, and even where they are located. This new understanding of the reality of extra dimensions opens the door to a science that includes consciousness and spirituality. (Close, 13:32 minutes)


The following key recordings considering the 9D Spin model have been made.

These are continually being amplified with additional YouTube recordings.
Particularly exciting are these our latest YouTubes. We have deliberately prepared all our YouTubes for the general audience interested in these areas. These do not contain the kinds of detail on research that are found on the research page, which is targeted more for scientists, but still, in part, user-friendly for regular readers.

9-Dimensional Spin, the Cabibbo angle and TDVP: Historical perspective
(Dr.  Neppe)
    Please allocate 20 minutes. (Neppe)

Reality, 9 Dimensions, TDVP, Cabibbo, and Spin: A Perspective
(Dr Neppe)
    Please allocate 18 minutes (Neppe)

9D Spin Model and TDVP in relation to String Theory  (Drs Neppe and Close)
Please allocate 22 minutes (Neppe)

The Three Dimensions of  Time; and can  Backwards Time occur? Applying TDVP (Drs Neppe and Close) (targeted for a general audience).
Please allocate 22 minutes. (Neppe)

The Cabibbo Mixing Angle and 9-Dimensional Spin: Some technical mathematical and physical data (Drs Close and Neppe)  (This is technical and general listeners may find it complex)
Please allocate 13 minutes (Neppe)

We have added this more technical YouTube for Physicists and Mathematicians so as to allow more understanding of the very complex area of the Cabibbo mixing angle, 9 dimensions and the physics. We strongly suggest you use this in conjunction with the material in blue font on  beginning More detail on the technical aspects of the Close and Neppe Cabibbo Angle findings:  as well as, of course, the E-book Reality Begins with Consciousness where a special Chapter (Chapter 9) is specifically devoted to this discussion.

We hope to include several other important and topical recordings such as another technical YouTube,  but far less complex. This a sister to this one:
Fundamentals of 9 dimensions, Cabibbo mixing angle and orbital spin: Some complex mathematical necessities.

  • 9 dimensions and 4 dimensions.

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We present here a series of YouTubes on the Neppe and Close TDVP  (Triadic Dimensional Distinction Vortical Paradigm)
What order should you listen? We have numbered them sequentially though each is also constructed so it can be listened to on its own.  Please click on the title, but if that link does not work we provide a second link too.

(1) Theory of Everything (TOE): TDVP, the metaparadigm of Neppe and Close

(2) Dimensions and TDVP (Neppe and Close)

(3) Consciousness and TDVP (Neppe)

(4) Tethering across dimensions in the TDVP model (Neppe)

(5) Feasibility, LFAF applying the Scientific Method and Vortices in TDVP (Neppe)

(6) Physics and TDVP (Close)

(6-a)Quantum Physics and Reality: TDVP (Close)

(7) Science and TDVP (Close with Neppe)

(8)  Infinity and TDVP  (Neppe)   (July 2013)

Additional videos are being uploaded on a regular basis.

You may find  these YouTubes illuminating. Our target is generally the intelligent layperson but sometimes scientists may find them useful too. Most of these YouTubes are short. Many cover the book Reality Begins with Consciousness and the Triadic Dimensional Distinction Vortical Model.

We are gradually hoping to add to those that are available and to modify them with updates. We are intending to include new books, and some of our other books and some important concepts. We have numbered them in the order suggested for your watching. You can follow the best order by the numbers. E.g. start with 1. Theory of Everything (TOE), then 2. Dimensions etc.

This way you will see all the completed Neppe and Close links of YouTubes or other Audio and Video and those being planned. Please note that the links may become out of date because significant YouTube edits require modification in I-Movie or related programs. Therefore the links to the audio-video are examples, and you can always search under the title. You can also go directly to and to search under our special headers: Brainvoyage or VMNBVPNI or TDVP or under Vernon Neppe or Edward Close or you can locate a specific title e.g. Tethering.

Some of the following YouTubes are  in process.

We list too the ones we plan for the future. 

9. Introduction to the Neppe-Close TDVP model (Neppe)

10. Why The Cabibbo angle is important for TDVP (Neppe)

11. The nine dimensional finite spin reality TDVP (Neppe)

12. Infinity and TDVP (Neppe)

13. Life, order and TDVP (Neppe)

14. Order and TDVP (Neppe)

15. Psychological links to the TDVP model (Neppe)

16. Why conventional physics has failed and TDVP. (Close and Neppe)

17. Vortices (Neppe)

18. Mathematics and TDVP (Close)

19. Unified Monism, the Philosophical Model behind TDVP (Neppe)

20. Glimpses and TDVP (Neppe)

21. Conferences and lectures brief

  • Conferences and lectures brief. Neppe Workshop (TDVP, RBC)
  • Conferences and Lectures and TDVP (Neppe)
  • Dr Edward Close conference comment on lectures and Symposia. (Close)


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