If you genuinely want to become a patient, please contact the PNI by phone
during regular office hours and if needed leave a message.
You will speed up the rpocess if you leave your insurance information and the name of the referring physician.
Pacific Time at 206 527 6289.

Dr. Vernon Neppe's clinical practice is located at the Pacific Neuropsychiatric Institute

Pacific Neuropsychiatric Institute 
6300 Ninth Ave NE 
Suite 353
Seattle, WA 98115
Tel: (206) 527-6289 (or "lap navy") 


The Pacific Neuropsychiatric Institute (  does both clinical and forensic consultations for patients with neuropsychiatric and psychopharmacologic difficulties. This includes disease processes with behavioral or psychological difficulties associated with known or suspected neurological conditions such as epilepsy, head injury, attention deficit disorder, dementia, tardive dyskinesia, atypical spells, irritability and any organic mental disorder and also difficult to treat psychological or psychiatric conditions, including problems relating to medication. The evaluation goal is to provide a blueprint not only for the present but directions for the patient's primary physician to manage the patient in the future. Vernon M Neppe MD, PhD, is the Director of the Pacific Neuropsychiatric Institute (PNI).
For further information, please visit and


We regret that  neither Dr Neppe nor the staff of can respond to any clinical questions on people who are not currently patients. For those wanting to become a patient, please contact the PNI by phone during regular office hours Pacific Time at 206 527 6289.  To facilitate please leave your name, contact numbers, referral physician, planned follow up psychiatrist or neurologist and primary care physician, insurance information, and briefly what the problem is.  All patients must have a physician who can renew or obtain pre-authorizaiton on medications. 
To save you time, please note that Dr Neppe is opted out of Medicare and, inter alia, does not take Medicaid or Labor and Industries patients.  You can also if you care to leave non-secured general information by filling in the form on this site
Please note too that the PNI does not do emergencies, that Dr Neppe is a consultant and may prepare a detailed report or summary letter which is separate from your insurance.
Many of his patients require outpatient ambulatory electroencephalography generally over three days.
All patients are required to be up to date with their payments (deductibles, copays, reports).

Because of the extended nature of such evaluations, a detailed screen may be taken by the PNI triage staff to ascertain if the PNI can help and are available to do so. They may need to know about your psychiatric and neurological symptoms, medical insurance coverage, referral and follow-up physicians, your availability and motivation, any pending issues and many other factors.
Whereas the PNI and Dr Neppe would like to help everyone, they are limited by time and only about 10% of those trying to consult at the Pacific Neuropsychiatric Institute (as of June 2013) can be accepted for consultation because of such high demand.   Consequently, please look at other options if the PNI cannot help. You may want to consider Dr Neppe's book Cry the Beloved Mind: A Voyage of Hope at



Self Help

Dr. Neppe is currently finishing a series of new books on the human brain and how and why it operates the way it does. These books are designed to provide the latest and best information, in non-technical form, so an average reader may attain deep and valuable insight into the principles of psychiatry, neuropsychiatry and psychopharmachology.

These subjects have been part of his other books, for example Reality Begins with Consciousness: A Paradigm Shift that Works is extraordinarily important but is, in effect, an undergraduate and possibly somewhat of a postgraduate interdisciplinary course in reality. The nature of reality is inherently extremely complex and this book is complex, although he has greatly simplified its message with a new book called Glimpses.

He is also now finishing a book The Answer, again with Dr. Edward Close that relates to answers in terms of a theory of everything  -  a way of explaining everything for the ordinary person.

And finally he is writing two other books very linked up in fact they will come out closely in terms of time. The one book is called Our Search For Meaning and the other is called The Meaning Of Life. These are two fundamental self-help books that relate partly to his research work and theories, but are entirely non-technical.

It is an attempt to help people through simple explanations based on  Dr. Neppe’s intense expertise in psychology, psychiatry and in understanding the brain  -  all this information comes together in these next two books.

So these are a wide series of books that Dr. Neppe has produced and is producing and you can see more about them at where they can be ordered. They cannot be found on Amazon or Barnes and Noble. They are exclusive to