Dr Vernon Neppe as a professional consultant:

Dr Vernon Neppe works as a Consultant in various fields.

  1. As a Creativity consultant.

Dr Neppe specializes in Exceptional Creative Achievement and is Executive Director of the Exceptional Creative Achievement Organization (ECAO) as well as being currently the only person to have reached the highest levels in ECAO as a Distinguished Professor (Level 15a).


The Exceptional Creative Achievement Organization (ECAO) ( is an organization reflecting exceptional qualities of intelligence and achievement. It is also known as the 5KIQ society (5KIQS or or ECAO.US). 

There are three major objectives of this non-profit worldwide organization:

  1. To provide the opportunity to contribute to knowledge and the world, by mobilizing exceptional creative achievement for companies, other organizations, governmental groups, and individual researchers and developers who are seeking assistance with creative problems. These groups or individuals in turn are "sponsors" allowing the continued functioning of the ECAO. Only "sponsors" have access to the consultancy list and professional backgrounds of the consultants, allowing them to choose who may be appropriate for a specific task.
  2. To provide Consultants with the opportunity to professionally utilize their creative and intellectual skills in their areas of expertise. Whereas ECAO provides the meeting point of Sponsor and Consultant, Consultants are free to choose to accept, reject and to negotiate contracts independently of ECAO.
  3. To provide Consultants with seed research and theoretical project funding or expenses, and to allow for specific consultant interaction when appropriate, if outside agencies fund a specialized ECAO grant proposal. In this regard, everyone admitted to the ECAO as a member consultant must pass the highest levels of ethics, have an intelligence estimated at the 1 in 5000 range (and most likely 1 in 50,000 range [such skills are difficult to measure: See]), have a doctorate or equivalent (sometimes based on education and creative achievement), plus have demonstrated by achievement several remarkable creative skills.


Dr Neppe’s special creative consultant uses is expressed in many areas.

These are listed in the numbering below, but some do not fit any specific header well, so are listed in the following paragraphs.


Medical Test Development: Specific areas that may be pertinent are the various medical tests that he has developed to evaluate higher brain function and abnormalities, medical and psychiatric conditions including adaptations of current instruments. This has markedly simplified these sciences and provides a remarkable way to obtain follow through standardized evaluations.


New institute in a new discipline: Dr Neppe established the Pacific Neuropsychiatric Institute in 1992 and this has become a standard for excellence in this area, allowing evaluations of both simple and complex patients and providing consultative help. This is an area of training that he can share, as he has significantly limited his clinical work now in that area.


Publishing: Dr Neppe also established a publishing company and is familiar with the exigencies of publications. This allows him, as he has done in the past, to produce, for example, monographs on particular areas of his expertise, and edit these as well.


Internet Security, Privacy and Compliance: Dr Neppe has worked extensively in the area of secure, usable emails, particularly HIPAA compliance and these are areas of remarkably importance today that he can consult on.



  1. As a Psychopharmacologist and Research Methodologist.

There have been numerous requests within the pharmaceutical industry to recruit Professor Neppe as a consultant on new compounds and in developing research designs that are best suited for further research. His background as an MD as well as a PhD, and his vast experience with these compounds and profound pioneering work that has impacted on millions of individuals clinically make him the ideal individual to recruit for short term consultation, at the beginning of a project or early on to find the greater uses for a compound, and understand their strengths and weaknesses.

This work extends to Pharmaceutical Patents.

A major area of expertise is his remarkable ability to develop new measuring instruments. This can be used clinically and in research.


He has also been used as an expert referee in multiple journals in his many different specialties to evaluate peer-reviewed submissions. He has also and is currently editing journals and acting on editorial boards and as a consultant.

(see too,


  1. As a Media expert.

Dr Neppe has been involved directly with the media internationally in many countries. (Television, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines). He has been on shows for several hours at a time with listening audiences in the millions such as Coast to Coast AM. He has numerous areas that the media find interesting and that have been represented:

  •       The world’s expert on the déjà vu phenomenon.
  •       Memory disorders.
  •       Brain disorders.
  •       Consciousness in all its manifestations including ostensible “psychic” or “paranormal” or “hallucinatory” or “anomalous” or “cross-cultural” events
  •       Current events commentary based on his specific expertise.
  •       The truly remarkable development of a new theory of everything that literally changes the face of reality.
  •       Teaching the layperson and general audience about medications that affect the brain.
  •       Commenting on nutritional supplements.
  •       Knotty medicolegal questions in psychiatry, medicine or pharmacology.
  •       His numerous books. Amongst the favorites are

o     Cry The Beloved Mind: A Voyage of Hope,

o      Reality Begins with Consciousness: A Paradigm Shift That Works, and

o     The Psychology of Déjà Vu: Have I Been Here Before?



  1. As a Professional speaker.

 Vernon Neppe is a vastly experienced professional speaker having addressed far more than a thousand audiences (excluding of course academic lecturing commitments in his own medical schools) and in a dozen countries round the world (e.g. in more than 90% of medical schools or affiliates in the United States, and particularly too in Canada and South Africa). He is repetitively invited back and receives remarkably positive comments. It is an absolute rarity for anyone in audiences to even leave (and often when paged these return) and his ability to handle questions is remarkable.

He is available in many different capacities: In media, to address professional audiences, laypersons, and even graduations.

He even has led an international delegation.
Latterly, he might consider extending this to discuss for laypersons his specialized, diverse interest areas, for example with addresses on cruises, specialized camps and training sessions.

Amongst the latter may be training in developing institutes such as his own, and teleconferencing.


  1. As a forensic expertin his specialties including Neuropsychiatry, Psychiatry, Behavioral Neurology, Psychopharmacology and multiple topics including head injuries, seizures, tardive dyskinesia, neuroleptic malignant syndrome, personal injuries and many other areas. He consults on medicolegal questions and he works in civil cases being retained by plaintiff or defense. For further background on Dr Neppe, please visit a page on this site This will lead you also to his site and


  1. As a clinician.

 Dr Vernon Neppe receives requests for consultation in his medical specialties from around the world. Clearly he usually cannot fulfill these, except for a tiny proportion, generally in Washington state.


Linked with this is the potential to train others.


For further background on Dr Neppe, please visit a page on this site

You also are provided, there with links to download his CV.


For further information on his research, please visit another page on this site


Vernon M Neppe MD,PhD, FRSSAf, BN&NP, DFAPA

[email protected]

Director, Pacific Neuropsychiatric Institute (

Seattle, WA, USA
206 527 6289

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