About Vernon M Neppe MD, PhD, Fellow Royal Society (SAf), Distinguished Fellow (APA), Seattle, WA, USA.*

*This biography was initially produced independently of Dr Vernon Neppe.

Multidisciplinary international recognition
Based on peer-reviewed publications, presentations, international honors and consultations, Prof. Vernon M. Neppe is a world recognized pioneer in the disciplines of Behavioral Neurology, and Neuropsychiatry, Psychiatry, Psychopharmacology, and Forensic Psychiatry / Neuropsychiatry. For example, he is the only person listed in these or any five subspecialties in the peer-recognized America's Top Doctors  and one or the rare physicians listed in all seventeen editions of this premium publication.

In addition to this,  Professor Neppe also is an internationally peer-recognized Neuroscientist, Phenomenologist, Epileptologist, Consciousness researcher, Research Methodologist, Transpersonal Psychologist, Dimensional Biopsychophysicist, Philosopher, Creativity expert, Author, Playwright and Professional Speaker. Additionally, he has major recognitions in other areas: for example, he is the undisputed world authority on déjà vu experiences, he is one of the pioneers in the clinical aspects temporal lobe of the brain and of integration of psychiatry and neurology.

His 100+ page CV includes 11+ books, 2 plays, and over 700 peer-reviewed publications on 6 continents, 1000+ invited lectures in 13 countries and media interactions in a large number of countries. His recognition was demonstrated worldwide when he and Dr Close were unanimously  awarded the rare  multidisciplinary Whiting Memorial Prize in late 2016 by the ISPE.  This prize is open to anyone worldwide

Qualifications and appointments:
Vernon Neppe, MD, PhD, FRSSAf, DFAPA, MMed, DABPN, DPsM, FFPsych(SA), DSPE, DPCP (ECAO), Dip Am Board Psych and Neurology (Psychiatry, Forensic Psychiatry -04, Geriatric Psychiatry- 11), FRCPC-10, MMed (Psych), DABFM, DABFE, DABPS (Psychopharmacology) FACFE, LMACFE, MB, BCh, BA, was educated in South Africa where he obtained his medical degree and PhD, and he later did a Fellowship at Cornell University, NY. He permanently settled in the USA in 1986, after being internationally recruited to found and direct the first Division of Neuropsychiatry in a Department of Psychiatry in the USA (at the University of Washington in Seattle).

Currently, Professor Neppe is:

  • Director, Pacific Neuropsychiatric Institute ( in Seattle
  • Executive Director and Distinguished Professor, Exceptional Creative Achievement Organization (  (based on objective verifiable criteria Level 15)
  • Editor, Dynamic International Journal of Exceptional Creative Achievement (DIJECA
  • Adjunct Full Professor, Dept of Neurology and Psychiatry, St Louis University, St Louis, MO.
  • Director, Human Performance Enhancement Division (HPED) of the World Institute of Scientific Exploration (WISE).

Major or unusual recognitions: 
Dr Neppe is:

  • the first USA physician elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of South Africa;
  • a Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association (the highest public level);
  • recipient of the Marius Valkhoff prize (about a dozen recipients worldwide over a quarter century — Consciousness Research);
  • apparently the only physician ever listed under five different subspecialties in the peer-reviewed, "America's Top Doctors". These  medical specialties are Neuropsychiatry, Behavioral Neurology, Psychopharmacology, Forensic Psychiatry and, and Psychiatry. He is one of the rare physicians listed in all 17 editions;
  • one of the few in his profession to be listed repetitively and currently in Marquis' Who's Who in the World;
  • one of the rare "Diplomates" of the International Society for Philosophical Enquiry (ISPE) ( (less than 30 ever around the world).
  • Leading Psychopharmacologists of the Twentieth Century: Recognition by the Collegium Internationale Neuropharmacologicum (CINP) in  series The History of Psychopharmacology and the CINP, As Told in Autobiographical Accounts. 2004. The CINP is (likely) the leading international organization in relation to Neuropharmacology and Psychopharmacology.

Dr. Neppe was:

  • a recipient of the Gabino Barreda recognition / medal (Mexico, 2013, linked with his and Dr Close's TDVP ("Triadic Dimensional Distinction Vortical Paradigm") presentations and workshop.
  • listed in every edition of the peer-reviewed "Best Doctors in America" (book now discontinued when America's Top Doctors was first published circa 1990)
  • in the first group of Board Certified physicians in Behavioral Neurology and Neuropsychiatry,
  • the leader of the 1st USA and International Delegation in Neuropsychiatry and Psychopharmacology;
  • he was also  chosen to lead another  delegation (cancelled with the recession) 1st USA and International Delegation in Behavioral Neurology and Neuropharmacology.

Dr Neppe is  a world leader in creative ideas and their fruition: This is demonstrated by his being the only person ever to have (based on objective rankings of direct creative achievements and training) achieved the rank of Distinguished Professor (Level 15a) of the Exceptional Creative Achievement Organization (ECAO) (, a world-wide organization. He is also Executive Director and Editor of their journal (DIJECA). The ECAO is an organization that allows the most creative consultants world-wide to individually and ethically professionally consult within their specialty with large organizations of many kinds, and to receive funding for projects that may benefit mankind and for individual grants (non-profit 501c in process). This appointment requires objective validation of achievements and applies a defined point system.

  • He is Director of the Human Performance Enhancement Division (HPED) of the World Institute of Scientific Exploration (WISE);
  • Based on distinguished qualifications alone, Professor Vernon Neppe, is one of the most qualified individuals in the world.
  • He was apparently the first physician listed as a Neuropsychiatrist by the American Medical Association, and is a Fellow or above of many societies.
  • He is on numerous editorial and organizational boards, and referee for many other journals. He is currently Editor of the Dynamic International Journal of Exceptional Creative Achievement (DIJECA). (This is a closed journal not available publicly on the Internet relating to the Exceptional Creative Achievement Organization
  • He has edited, guest edited or acted as Science Editor of  journals encompassing four different disciplines (Consciousness Research, Psychopharmacology, broader intelligence, innovative science).

He also received the Millennium Medal of Honor for his scientific contributions, was an International Man of the Year, and listed in "The Leading Physicians in the World".

Presentations: Dr Neppe has:

  • lectured extensively round the world in thirteen countries,
  • chaired international symposia,
  • communicated internationally with the media (TV, radio, printed media) (large number of countries),
  • lectured at about 90% of medical school affiliates in the United States
  • presented well over 1000 invited professional presentations outside his university system.

Publications Dr Neppe is author of:

  • 700+ publications (when including abstracts, and those in press) overall in all six continents;
  • 11+ books and E-Books;
  • two plays

 More detail on Dr Neppe's books

His books and E-Books are available at They include:

  • Reality Begins with Consciousness: A Paradigm Shift that Works ( (Drs Vernon Neppe and Dr Edward Close) (RBC) . The latest 5th Edition is a landmark, inter alia, deriving 9D spin reality and providing a legitimate metaparadigm ("theory of everything"):  it has 50 chapters, >500 pages and is multidisciplinary. See the scientific comments at ( outlining their TDVP model (see (Neppe and Close)
  • Glimpses and Glossary as a complimentary supplemental further E-book to RBC) (
  • RBC—Key Features of Reality Begins with Consciousness: A Paradigm Shift that Works (Neppe and Close)
  • Cry the Beloved Mind: A Voyage of Hope. This is a five star ranked, extremely well received layperson self-help and brain medication education book: a widely acclaimed and appreciated book reflecting the theme of education through fascination but also truly a voyage of hope for individuals and patients ( See the comments at (
  • Innovative Psychopharmacotherapy. written for the medical and pharmacological readers. Inter alia, it contains two major pioneering contributions: Dr Neppe pioneered the area of anticonvulsants in psychiatry which took two decades to recognize; and he developed the concept of toleration and responsiveness to psychotropic medications, and this still is not fully recognized (e.g. not mentioned even in DSM V apparently) (
  • The Déjà Vu Trilogy of three books: This the most comprehensive series on this topic of déjà vu by the recognized world authority. (see as well as the first book on the topic, The Psychology of Déjà Vu (see
  • How Attorneys Can Best Utilize Their Medical Expert Witness: A Medical Expert's Perspective. This is a valuable monograph that has gone to two editions and targeted to assist attorneys involved in civil medicolegal litigation. (
  • Plays: Quakes and Tomorrow the Earthquake

Dr Neppe's current disciplines are diverse:

  • Consciousness Research, Phenomenology, Epileptology and Neuroscience, in which his contributions have been pioneering and prodigious. For example, the ideas in his book Reality Begins with Consciousness (with Dr Ed Close, physicist and mathematician) are already regarded by many as potentially impacting thinking for centuries ( . These ideas now demonstrate mathematically the nine-dimensional spin model.
  • Dr Neppe also pioneered the extended use of anticonvulsants in psychiatry and has impacted literally millions of patients. He began this work in 1979 and his landmark contribution in 1981, was one of three different contributions worldwide on different  areas (Neppe in South Africa, Post with Ballenger in USA, Okuma in Japan) which changed the face of psychiatry. Although the first major applications began only two decades later, millions of patients have benefited greatly. Dr Neppe's working hypothesis has always included putting out aberrant electrical firing in the brain.
  • Dr Neppe's dramatic management of the previously incurable tardive dyskinesia with high dose buspirone is theoretically and in practice highly successful, though not often found in the literature in the area. (See Chapter 12, Cry the Beloved Mind for the enthralling initial story of this discovery). This discovery occurred in 1989 and despite its major potential application, it has been seldom used. Yet, feedback on this treatment has demonstrated an almost complete success rate in tardive dyskinesia provided the high doses required have been achieved. Dr Neppe's working technical hypothesis of mechanism in this instance is that buspirone in very high doses (generally 120mg daily or above) is a dopamine partial agonist: Partial agonists subsensitize supersensitive receptors and tardive dyskinesia is the classical dopamine supersensitivity state.
  • He is also one of the world's experts on the temporal lobe of the brain, as well as the world expert on the déjà vu phenomenon (see again his books at; plus his site
  • Dr. Neppe also is an expert consultant on HIPAA, and security, and usability on the Internet. He has worked particularly with what is apparently at this time, the only secure and usable communication technique on the Internet, namely the ZSentry engine ( This allows government approved HIPAA compliance, with Emails, plus a middleware that makes the cloud technically safe, plus automated application programmable interfaces that are secure. This technology is far the most important breakthrough in the IT internet area, and may ultimately save the Internet. Additionally, it extends to Internet voting technology ( that can be used world-wide,
  • In literature, Dr Neppe developed the literary genre (sciction) and integrated "conversagraphs" because he felt he had to, so that his patients and their laypersons and the general readers could feel more involved in his writings (see
  • Dr Neppe is an internationally in demand Professional Speaker, Author and Playwright.
  • He is prodigious and internationally recognized for his research methodological skills For example, his déjà vu work pioneered a whole new phenomenological approach. He has contributed further to the phenomenology of Consciousness Research and Brain functioning with novel classifications, approaches and empirical work making him one of the world's leading cutting edge phenomenologists in these disciplines.
  • He developed the philosophical model of Unified Monism based on science, and justified mathematically with the philosophy being secondary but applicable empirically in all environments, the materialistic environment as well as the consciousness, psi, survival and mind only philosophies. With the description of Unified Monism (working with Dr Edward Close) he has developed on of the major philosophical models. This appears applicable to our real experiential world as well as a broader finite and infinite reality.
  • With Dr Close, his pioneering of the new area of Dimensional Biopsychophysics, integrates the multidimensional model across the different scientific disciplines (physical, psychological, consciousness, biological) and provides increasing mathematical justifications for the discipline..
  • In Mathematicologic and Mathematical Physics, Dr Neppe has assisted Dr Edward Close in these disciplines involving TDVP and including pioneering extending the application of the Calculus of Dimensions, of Dimensionometry, of Dimensional Extrapolation and Reverse Dimensional Extrapolation and of Pythagorean extensions and orthogonality, and FermatÕs Last Theorem to multidimensional concepts, as well as the derivation and development of 9 dimensional spin models, derivation of the Cabibbo angle, as well as concepts of infinity. These are all part of their complex, multidisciplinary TDVP model.
  • Medically, he has also described four new medical conditions, invented about a hundred new terms, suggested three major new classifications, developed more than thirty evaluations, tests and historical screens in neuropsychiatry and consciousness, pioneered several new theoretical concepts in his disciplines. Besides this, he has also pioneered subjective experience, and its links with neuroscience and consciousness phenomenology.
  • In phenomenology: Additionally, he pioneered the links of brain function and subjective experience, still remains after 30 years the world authority on déjà vu phenomena, and developed phenomenology in the Neuroscience and Consciousness contexts.


Some Research Perspectives.

  • Psychopharmacology: His pharmacological work, in the early 1980s, impacted likely millions of patients and their families when he pioneered the area of anticonvulsants in psychiatry. Separately, Dr Neppe in South Africa and then continuing this work in the USA, recognized subpopulations of non-responsive psychotic and non-psychotic individuals with underlying temporolimbic instability, sometimes with explosive behaviors. This combined with Dr Robert Post in the USA on bipolar, and Dr Teruo Okuma in Japan on atypical schizophrenias impacted Psychiatry possibly more than any other finding in the past 40 years.
  • Behavioral Neurology and Neuropsychiatry: Dr Neppe introduced several evaluation techniques and developed tens of tests in Behavioral Neurology and Neuropsychiatry. These have intensively used at the Pacific Neuropsychiatric Institute and include objective and subjective evaluations in the area.
  • Phenomenology: Dr. Neppe's phenomenological models in Neuroscience and Consciousness Research are fundamental. This inter alia, allows a perspective of conceptualizing the organic brain aspects with the subjective. Importantly, he recognized the importance of careful subtyping and classifications of diagnoses and nosologies.
  • Philosophy from Science:  Dr. Neppe with an assist from Dr. Close, developed the new and very different philosophical model called "Unified Monism" as part of the TDVP model. This is ostensibly the only scientific based philosophical model that works. It technically is a form of monism with Infinity containing the Finite and the Transfinite, and Space, Time and Consciousness being tethered together as a unit.
  • The Neppe-Close TDVP collaboration: During the past two decades, Vernon Neppe has become increasingly involved with the complex physics and mathematical models conceptualized in his multidimensional vortical model, and even became Science Editor of the journal of the International Society for Philosophical Enquiry (, Telicom, a position now occupied by Dr Close. Edward Close has been active in the field of Consciousness Research since 1986. This includes his classic book ÒTranscendental Physics: Integrating the Search for TruthÓ. ( as one of his 7+ books. After a combined half-century of separately working on their related theories, Neppe and Close, then paired together in 2009, recognizing that they needed to combine their expertise in divergent disciplines to maximize and unify their TDVP Theory of Everything model. TDVP is discussed in detail in the Neppe-Close E-book, "Reality Begins With Consciousness: A Paradigm Shift That Works ( 4th Edition)" (RBC) ( along with the clarifying E-Book Glimpses and Glossary ( to make key portions of TDVP more comprehensible.
  • The paradigm shift:  Even long before their Cabibbo findings, the TDVP model had profoundly challenged the current scientific paradigm as it is based on an empirical scientific data model with confirmatory mathematical logic and further conceptual innovations. It was developed because prevailing current science contains some areas that simply do not fit. TDVP seems to provide the first feasible multidisciplinary model for unifying Science and Consciousness, and this Neppe-Close broader metaparadigm impacts thinking not only in the Physical Sciences, but in the Psychological, Biological and Consciousness Sciences, as well as in Mathematics, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy and the Transcendental disciplines. Based on objective criteria compared with 23 other models, TDVP appears to be far the strongest candidate for a so-called 'theory of everything'. Despite being adjudicated prior to the Cabibbo information. RBC is currently a finalist for both the Book of the Year (in Science), plus the Eric Hoffer Award. The RBC book has gone to four editions in a year and half, as more and more information accumulated supporting the TDVP model and so that the authors could clarify concepts and amplify their ideas; What the Cabibbo Angle derivation has now done is to definitely demonstrate the hypothesis that a significant fundamental component of TDVP, namely the postulated 9 finite vortical dimensions, appears to be correct.

Originally from South Africa (where he mainly trained), [and also] with a Fellowship at Cornell University, New York,), Dr Vernon Neppe was recruited from South Africa to establish the first Division of Neuropsychiatry in a USA Psychiatry Department (University of Washington), and then a model institute (Pacific Neuropsychiatric Institute —PNI), which he has successfully directed ( for twenty years, not only as an astute clinician with referrals from around the country but also as a superb administrator, educator, forensic specialist and researcher. He is also (Adj. Full) Prof., Dept of Neurology and Psychiatry, St. Louis Univ., St. Louis, MO, a very unusual honor given his being >2000 miles away. While in South Africa, he organized the first multiracial sports match in South Africa—if chess is a sport as captain of the Witwatersrand University Chess Team.

For more information on Dr Vernon Neppe, MD, PhD (Med), FRSSAf, DFAPA, DSPE, FFPsych (SA), MMed (Psych), DPsM), Diplomate ABPN (Psychiatry; Subcertifications: Geriatric Psychiatry (-2011); Forensic Psychiatry (-2004]), DABFM, DABFE, DABPS (Psychopharmacology), FACFE, LMACFE, FAPA, FCPsych, MB, BCh, BA, DSPE, DPCP you can consult his many biographies on the Internet.

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As an author

Unusual Societal Memberships:

  • International Society for Philosophical Enquiry: The ISPE is the oldest 1 in 1000 IQ society. This is equivalent to an IQ cut-off of 147 SD 15, 149 SD 16 (SD stands for ‘Standard Deviation’, a statistical measure of frequency based on a bell-curve).  Dr Vernon Neppe and Dr Edward Close met through the ISPE, and both have progressed through to the highest public ISPE level, namely Diplomate. In late 2016, they also became one of the very few winners ever of the interdisciplinary, prestigious, world-wide, open-to-all Whiting Memorial Prize: This recognition was awarded unanimously for their new groundbreaking metaparadigm ( ‘theory of everything’) called TDVP (see They became the only ISPE members to win this award for many years. Dr Neppe is also the supervising psychometrist for ISPE. The ISPE produces the journal Telicom: both Neppe and Close have been Science Editors of this journal.
  • 151 IQ society. Dr Vernon Neppe  and Dr Edward Close are both at the highest level, namely Distinguished Members. The cut-off IQ  is 151 (SD 15), 154 (SD 16) (This makes it roughly a 1 in 1500 IQ society). The ISI society produces an excellent quarterly journal, IQ Nexus Journal (or IQNJ) and Drs Neppe and Close have published numerous, always peer-reviewed articles, in this journal.  A piece of trivia: Ironically, the 151 Society used to be called the ISI-Society or ISI-S. It’s name was changed officially for obvious reasons.
  • Exceptional Creative Achievement Organization Based on objective verifiable criteria, Dr Vernon Neppe has achieved the level of Distinguished Professor and is the only person in the world at that level at this time. Dr Close has also achieved an extremely high level (Distinguished Fellow). Basic criteria include effectively an IQ  at least at the 1 in 5,000 level but because of stringencies effectively 1 in 30,000; a   Doctorate;  Profound demonstrated creativity (the most evasive criterion); and impeccable ethics and ability to carry through on tasks as this is an organization for exceptionally creative consultants. Dr Neppe edits the ECAO  journal which is exclusively available  to members and sponsors—The Dynamic International Journal of Exceptional Creative Achievement (DIJECA).
  • OlympiqIQSociety.  This is an exceptional IQ society involving ≥ 5 standard deviations above the normal IQ.  It involves a  ‘standardized’ documented  IQ score of  ≥ 5 standard deviations above the normal IQ.  This corresponds with 1 in 3.5 million IQ or above in the population. The name ‘Olymp-iq’  has 5 letters each for a standard deviation above the norm. (This is contrasted with Hell-IQ with 4SDs — 1 in 30,000; Civ-IQ with 3 SD—1 in 750; Gr—IQ with 2SD — 1 in 44). Dr Neppe is one of 45 members worldwide accepted to membership since Olympiq’s inception in 2001.  The cut-off IQ is 180 SD 16 or 175 SD 15
    Olymp-iq  (olymp = 5 letters for 5 SDs) is contrasted with a similar series of IQ group memberships which still require high scores but far less:  Hell-IQ  (4 letters) requires 4SDs — 1 in 30,000; Civ-IQ (3 letters) with 3 SD—1 in 750; Gr—IQ (with  2 letters and 2SD — 1 in 44).

For perspective, Mensa is a well-known high IQ society but at the most basic level: Roughly 1 in every 6 university graduates who achieved reasonable grades may turn out to be eligible so it is by no means and exceptional society but is a place for many intelligent people to interact in. Mensa is a 1 in 50 IQ society. This means it is at the 98th percentile  equivalent to what is reported as an  IQ  of roughly 130 SD 15; 132 SD 16, (though technically 1 in 50 IQ should be  131 [SD 15] or 133 [SD 16]). For every ‘Thousander' (ISPE) there may statistically need to be 20 Mensans. For every ISI Society member, there would be an equivalent 30 Mensans. Olympiq is 70,000-fold higher than Mensa (!). ECAO cannot be measured this way because of the additional profound creativity and doctoral education besides the exceptional IQ requirements (roughly  600 times greater than Mensa) However,  there is a limitation to these extreme measures of IQ measurement. They may have significant errors, as IQs above the 1 in 1000 to 1 in 3000 levels are difficult to standardize, verify or demonstrate. The discipline pertaining to exceptional intelligence is a complex one. For more information, please read Dr Neppe’s article on Exceptional Intelligence, Genius, Creativity and other factors in measuring profound skills besides just IQ .The SCHIQ which is a new technique based on historical exceptional achievement may be a more reliable way to measure  exceptional intelligence in prodigies and geniuses. You can also visit and the International Society for Intelligence Research at

Curriculum Vitae (CV):  For a Curriculum Vitae on Dr Neppe, please read the following first: The information provided is for personal use only and no-one,  including those downloading it, is authorized to redistribute Dr Neppe's CV in any way, including on the Internet, unless by written agreement of Dr Neppe or his authorized representatives. In the event of any public distribution or other unauthorized distribution, this will violate the conditions of this download and may be subject to legal action. Thank you for your understanding. Only if you agree to these terms, may you proceed further and the action of requesting the codes for CV download constitutes your agreement with these conditions:  Dr Neppe's CV at . You will then need to fill in the data requested.

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