These books by Dr Vernon Neppe  are exclusively available for purchase in e-book or printed bound form at
He is the author of 10+ books and some books have gone to several editions (rewrites; not just reprints)
Cry the Beloved Mind is available in E-Book and Bound Print Copy.

The collector's items the Psychology Of Déjà Vu and Innovative Psychopharmacotherapy are available only as bound print copy books.

All the others are Electronic Books.

Published works listed here, plus additional specialized publications, are available at this link.

Reality Begins with Consciousness: A Paradigm that Works

In its 4th edition, this breakthrough work by Vernon M. Neppe and Edward R. Close is also known informally as The Theory of Everything - and for good reason.  This book will fascinate you if you are seeking an understanding of humans' ultimate nature, the nature of reality,  consciousness, dimensions, our world and the infinite. Neppe and Close skillfully demonstrate, and scientifically prove, how everything in life is created and interconnected by consciousness. It is available in e-book form, compatible with most major e-readers.
Despite being an E-Book and competing against printed hard copy books, Reality Begins with Consciousness  (even an earlier edition) has already one two prestigious prizes. It won the Bronze award for Science 2012 through Foreword Magazine, and was a finalist in Book of the Year through the Eric Hoffer competition.
This may literally turn out to be one of the most important books of this century: It gives a remarkable perspective as to Reality, our world and Consciousness.

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Glimpses and Glossary (Supplement to Reality Begins with Consciousness)

Intended by the authors, Drs. Neppe and Close, as a companion book to their Reality Begins with ConsciousnessGlimpses simplifies the complex concepts covered by that book, allowing even those with no previous background in science and metaphysics to understand how consciousness is the defining key to reality.
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RBC—KF    Key Features (of Reality Begins with Consciousness: A Paradigm Shift that Works)  
Neppe and Close)
This new E-book likely will be available as a key Ebook on and on; a summary of Reality Begins with Consciousness (about an eighth the size)

Recommended with it is a complimentary copy of  the  Glimpses and Glossary   E-book.
Note because of this offer ($9.99 free E-book with a $9.98 purchased book) no other E-Book company is able to compete with this pricing.

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The most popular book (self-help and educational)

Cry the Beloved Mind: A Voyage of Hope.

Written as a fictional blending of real-life patient cases, Cry the Beloved Mind delves into the mysteries of how the human mind receives and processes the messages and stresses of daily life as well as the universal conversation of consciousness. Engaging, yet educational, this book delivers a message of hope and strength to all its readers. It is written in the literary genre of sciction, developed by Dr Neppe and therefore a collector's item.  It is available in e-book, bound and collector's editions.
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Ranked by and Barnes and as 5 star (while they were stocking it; it is now exclusively stocked by
This book is so pertinent that we devote a section at the bottom of this page to it. Click here for this section or scroll to the bottom.

Quakes ( a play)
Dr Neppe is also a playwright.
His play Quakes has been produced  in Hawaii and  South Africa and in part in Washington State. Quakes is unique in that it is the first play that  is written in the literary genre of sciction. This genre was developed by Dr Neppe and therefore a collector's item as the first such play.  The play runs about 2 hours with one or two intermissions


Three comprehensive E-books on déjà vu by the recognized world authority on this phenomenon all combined into one Trilogy.
The definitive reference on the topic.

The Déjà Vu Trilogy ( Déjà vu Trilogy of three linked books)

Dr. Neppe is the recognized world authority on déjà vu based on his fundamental definitions, on his pioneering research and on his development of terminology.
His series of books on this fascinating subject, Déjà Vu: A Second Look, Déjà Vu Revisited and Déjà Vu Glossary and Library, provide a clear explanation and deep understanding of the psychology, consciousness, psychiatry and seizure disorders,  involved in the experience of deja vu. If you have ever wondered why you seem to be experiencing certain events again and again, this book is for you.  
Deja Vu: A Second Look
  is edited by Dr Vernon Neppe,  with Dr Art Funkhouser as a subeditor. Deja Vu Revisited is an electronic version derived from The Psychology of Deja Vu and is therefore a classic.  Because of the many terms and complex searching for terms Déjà Vu: Glossary and Library is very important as a major source.
(The terms Déjà  [accented] and Deja [unaccented] for one make it very difficult to search).

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A short E-book for attorneys by a medicolegal expert

How Attorneys Can Best Utilize Their Medical Expert 

Witness: A Medical Expert's Perspective  

(Second Edition) Vernon M Neppe

A concise but important contribution directed towards attorneys who are involved in Civil Litigation and are engaging Medical Expert Consultants from the start through to the trial. Common-sense advice by Dr Vernon Neppe who has attained a well-deserved international reputation in the area.
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“An excellent resource for both legal professionals and expert witnesses.

“It is beautifully written and very well thought out.”


An oldie but with what are now key ideas making it a collector's item

Innovative Psychopharmacotherapy. 

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Collector’s Item:

2nd Edition, if available, inscribed by author

Dr Vernon Neppe’s acclaimed bound book, Innovative Psychopharmacotherapy, was originally published by one of the most well-known and largest medical publishers, Raven Press in New York in 1989.

This is more than a collector's item. It reflects the thinking of one of the pioneers of many principles in psychopharmacology that came to fruition only years later. A truly remarkable work.

“This is an important and useful book.… This is a book that experience clinicians will turn to when patients do not respond to the usual forms of treatment. It is a work that attempts to chart a course in an unchartered land where there are very few scientific studies… The import and uniqueness of this book …provides a theoretical framework with which to approach patients…. It should provoke much discussion and thought in the field.”


Remarkably there are several collector's items amongst these.

One of the Rarest Genuine Collector's item

There are several genuine ostensible Collector's Items on

Examples: Prime of place is the famous Collector's Item The Psychology of Déjà Vu that has already sold for $1000.  It's been compared with penny black stamp.

Read why Innovative Psychopharmacotherapy is collector's item.

Cry the Beloved Mind is the first book written in Sciction. (Hard copy)

It also happens apparently to have been the first marketed electronic book (through
Quakes  is the first play written in sciction.

Reality Begins with Consciousness First Edition  is possibly the first electronically inscribed book for readers.

And it's Fourth Edition contains the dramatic 9 dimensional discovery in Chapter 9!


Watch for the release of these new books:  

The Answer Series

Drs. Neppe and Close explain their TDVP  Theory of Everything for the average reader, shaping the most complex ideas into answers to those questions we all ask concerning the nature of human existence within a seemingly boundless Universe.  This book series is the layperson equivalent of Reality Begins with Consciousness.


We anticipate the first  book in this series being published in bound copy in the next year.

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Our Search for Meaning and The Meaning of Life

This self-help book is modeled on Dr. Neppe's landmark and brilliant self-help and medical dilemma book Cry the Beloved Mind  is  writing two  books  designed to provide readers with the knowledge to help themselves based on factual information and his vast experience and

intense expertise not only  in psychology to psychiatry and in medicine and the brain, but also in consciousness and other dimensions.The two books are related, each at this point having 18 chapters and written in his pioneering sciction style—effectively, you as the reader are conversing directly with him,  by applying different characters.

The first book  is called Our Search for Meaning and the other is called The Meaning of Life. These books are meant to be as important for readers as such classics as Viktor Frankl's Man's Search for Meaning.

We can improve our lives using the insights from recent cutting-edge scientific discoveries.

We anticipate this book being published in bound copy in the next year.

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Ordering Information for Dr Vernon Neppe's Books at

 Order Reality Begins with Consciousness (Neppe and Close)
it is not our object here to sell these books but given that we have been repetitively asked, we will answer the most common questions. At this time, these books are exclusively available through the publisher,
1. E-books: An E-book is an electronic book. This is not a hard copy bound book. It is read on a computer, I-pad, Kindle, Nook and other media.
2.  PDF, E-PUB, MOBI: All E-books on use PDFs which can be used on any of these electronic media. Additionally, RBC4 and RBC-KF have E-Pubs (useful e.g., on these media, and including mobile media too) plus MOBIs (e.g. useful on Amazon's Kindle).
3. E-books lower consumer costs: E-books can save enormous amounts. For example, a hard bound copy of Reality Begins with Consciousness would cost about 5 to 8 times as much.
4. E-Books can rapidly be revised. There are many minor revisions that can be done. This is why RBC has gone through 5 different major revisions and 4 editions in a year and a half.
5. Complimentary extra Glimpses and Glossary: However, because of the nature of the material they are enormously discounted. For example,
a.  RBC4 is $39.99 and reduced to $29.99 (PDF, E-Pub, MOBI). But in addition is offering a limited offer free version of RBC—Glimpses and Glossary (PDF) so that this is $49.98 worth for $29.99, plus it is a Collector's item as it is electronically autographed by Drs Neppe and Close possibly the first E-Book done with this idea. Effectively, equivalent books could easily sell for five times this price.
b.  Similarly RBC—Key Features is $9.98 and yet has available too for limited free offer again RBC—Glimpses and Glossary (in all three versions PDF, E-Pub, MOBI).
6. Discounts for extra purchase In addition, the purchase of any two selections in the menu automatically generates a $5 extra discount on the Shopping cart for each extra purchase.
6. Exclusivity: Though currently these books are exclusive through, even if they became available elsewhere through the current outlets, it is likely these offers would best the overall prices.
7  The three RBC E-books are related and have extra bonuses.
Which ones should one purchase?
As indicated: Reality Begins with Consciousness   (in PDF, EPUB and MOBI) is already considerably discounted currently, and includes, in addition. a complimentary copy of Glimpses and Glossary (PDF only).
Similarly, the latest Neppe-Close E-book  RBC—Key Features  also includes a complimentary copy of Glimpses and Glossary (but this time not only the PDF, but the E-PUB and MOBI editions.)
Drs Neppe and Close regard the Glimpses and Glossary as an important simplification of their TDVP model and hence agreed with (who have exclusive rights) to include this extra E-Book as a special limited-time complimentary offer.

The detailed TDVP model is contained in the large >500 page book, Reality Begins with Consciousness: A Paradigm Shift That Worksand many scientists and advanced thinkers would go that route. This book has material for many different specialized disciplines, and a number of intelligent laypersons have read it. It can be used as an undergraduate education degree and can be studied in that regard.
For those who are not specialists and want an overview of TDVP theory, without the detail, or whose budget is limited, RBC—Key Features  may be considered. This contains the core material, without overwhelming with detailed data and proofs.
For those who want to read a few interesting elements about TDVP theory, the website might provide an introduction, as well, and allow for more appropriate choices of which book may be suitable.
Given that  Glimpses and Glossary  is available without cost when acquiring the other two books the choice is between the more comprehensive Reality Begins with Consciousness  and the briefer (about an eighth the size) RBC—Key Features. The choices are outlined in the Shopping Cart at
Special Featured book.  You've read about Reality Begins with Consciousness, certainly a landmark book. Here we feature another truly remarkable book by Dr Vernon Neppe.
Cry the Beloved Mind: A Voyage of Hope.
Prof. Vernon Neppe, MD, PhD, FRSSAf, BN&NP, DFAPA, is a pioneering Neuropsychiatrist and Behavioral Neurologist, one of the "Psychopharmacologists of the 20th Century", renowned Consciousness Researcher and Distinguished Psychiatrist. He has produced possibly one of the most important self-help books ever. This classic, by a notable international authority and expert physician on brain medications and medical dilemmas, still now, after many years, is a key book written for laypersons particularly patients, their families and those interested in self-help, helping others, psychology, prescription medication and even nutritional supplements. This is because it provides principles and understanding in a fascinating way aimed to communicate key prioritized information and give patients, their families and indeed, the medical and psychological community, a treat.

Cry the Beloved Mind: A Voyage of Hope
 is indeed a voyage of hope, and large numbers of people have benefited from its creative and solid ideas pertaining to how to get better.

This book is also special in another way:  It  defines for the first time the new non-fiction literary genre of Sciction -- science through literature. Psychiatric and neurological medications become comprehensible to patients, families and general readers.       yet the book is a wonderful text for students and professionals in the health and psychological fields. This unique self-help book on brain medications and social and medical issues educates through fascination. It's available as an autographed book with PDF Mac and PC Electronic Versions.  The style is aimed at communication: Many have verbalized sentences like  "It's as if I was with the Doctor. It's wonderful."

Opinions on this book:  Don’t take this from us. See the comments at
We paraphrase a few:

"This book is an essential contribution to mankind!"

Famous authors:
•      “Witnessing this master clinician at work fuels a realistic optimism about recovery from even the most extreme afflictions of the mind."
•      “ A remarkable contribution, you should not do without."
•      “Vernon Neppe is a wonderful guide.”

•        “This is a voyage that can help thousands of lost souls.”
•        “Essential reading for psychology students.”
•        “Dr. Neppe demonstrates his international expertise with care and respect for patients.”
•        “Residents and medical students can learn a great deal from this book; general readers and patients, an enormous amount."
•      This book takes us to the core of what Medicine is about: to listen to what the patient is saying,
not only with their word, but with their acts and the cry of help that their mind is doing.
•      " I think it is really super. Bathtubs will never look the same again."

·       "An entirely different book that I have ever read,  intended for the lay reader… a great deal of information ..."
·       " Readers of all backgrounds and educational levels may find this book fascinating and educating."
·      "Dr Neppe weaves real medical accounts…that makes absorbing the material not only palatable but actually very enjoyable. …a compassionate, respectful, self-help book allowing patients, …families and the general reader to understand what doctors are doing when using powerful mind-modifying medications such  as Prozac, BuSpar and Tegretol for depression, seizures or other conditions. …highly recommended for all to read."

 General Readers:
·         Dr. Neppe is indeed a genius who is able to share his wisdom in a sensitive and extremely palatable form. The best book I have ever had the privilege of reading!"
·      “I read it literally from cover to cover and read every word (even the ones I was given permission to skim over or omit). WOW! I took it to work today, and when my ½ hour lunch break was over, I told everyone to leave me alone as I was at a really exciting part of my book and couldn't put it down. When they saw what the book was about, they found it incredulous that there was an “exciting part” – just before your breakthrough treatment. I really don’t have the words to express what I felt about this book. …it should be a compulsory text book for doctors. I am SO conscious of what medicines I put in my mouth and now watch what liquid I have my calcium tablets with!! It is so encouraging to think that so many people with the illnesses you described can be got back to normal. I will always keep my personally inscribed book."

·       "Dr. Neppe gives voice to those of us, long silent and misunderstood. I'm proud to be both patient and friend to the author, who has captained my personal voyage of hope."
·       “No longer do you have to feel different or alone in a world without hope or answers. I think anyone suffering from a mental condition, such as depression will benefit from this book. As you read through the many different chapters, I am sure you will find somewhere or someone you will identify with or see yourself in. It made me feel I wasn't the only one in the world on medications for depression or a seizure related condition. I felt compelled to keep reading and reading until I finished the book. I came away with a better understanding of my own treatment and the way medications work in the treatment of these illnesses. I would recommend this book to anyone who is suffering from a mental condition, or family and friends of anyone suffering from a mental condition. Dr. Neppe has been able to bring this book down to a level that is easy to understand and read, and at the same time is encouraging and yes, very 'HOPEFUL'. "
·       "This is my new "new testament."
·       "That's  what your book really does well. The thinking behind the drugs and the decisions. We really do not hear this as patients."
·       Dr. Vernon Neppe has written one of the most important works dealing with brain medications and social dilemmas ever penned. This book has helped me understand that I am not alone, and that there is hope for a complete recovery. Dr. Neppe has the rare ability to view his patients with both clinical detachment as well as human beings, with fears, anguish, worry, terror and everything in between. This wonderful volume should be required reading for anyone with curiosity or concerns. "Cry The Beloved Mind" will change more than minds; it will change LIVES!"

For more information on which Cry The Beloved Mind A Voyage of Hope book to order, please read this section. 
BROWSE ALL BOOKS IN OUR COLLECTION  Click  All Products  to show all books (Remember you will automatically get $5 off each extra order; it can be any combinations of books in the shopping cart for example Reality Begins with Consciousness 4th edition combined with a hard (bound/ print) copy of Cry the Beloved Mind would get $5 off; if another is added e.g. the Key Features, it would be another $5 so making $10 off etc.)
To choose a Cry the Beloved Mind book: There are several choices. This guide should help!

1. NOT SURE WHICH KIND OF COPY OF CRY THE BELOVED MIND TO PURCHASE  and you want to choose:   To browse:  Cry the Beloved Mind ( it is halfway down, 5 book levels down the order page)

Cry the Beloved Mind book (bound copy; with Dr Neppe's autographed  signature    $21.95  (save $1 here) This is our most reasonably priced bound copy of this book and is the most popular one.

(best deal) $29.95  (autographed bound copy plus Dr Neppe's signature only plus electronic (E-Book PDF copy; save $10.90!  This is a bargain as $21.95+$18.95= $40.90.  (please remember to download the book as well).  Dr Neppe  personally autographs all hard (bound) copies of books at no extra cost (this only occurs on Besides pride, it has implications for Collectors as the value increases it is said about three fold maybe more. Because Cry the Beloved Mind  is the first book defined in the literary genre of sciction it may be far more valuable than that (speculative, no guarantees).

Please note if you want a customized version or personalized signature with this, please add in the comments section and we manually process credit cards so we will charge you just $2.50 more for customized  so $32.45 and $5 more for personalized so $34.95.  Of course, the combination already includes the $5 off for the double order.

ELECTRONIC BOOK  (E-Book) $18.95 (PDF version only) (note this E-book was apparently the first commercially available on the Internet (  so has also become a collector's edition for that reason; no hard (bound) copy —this is for your computer! )

BOUND COPY    $24.45  The most popular book.  Not only signed, but a special standard chosen message (be sure to choose that. otherwise Dr Neppe will inscribe  without your name an choose.)
5B.  CRY THE BELOVED MIND, PERSONALIZED BOUND COPY. $26.95  The one we would recommend if you want your name, to choose your own one line message written for you by Master Clinician and internationally renowned , Dr Neppe who reserves the right to edit it; this is the book to keep forever.

These regular, print copy books are specifically Collector's Editions. They are Collector's Editions because Dr Neppe is the pioneer of the literary genre of sciction. They have to go up in value using all logic. They also are specially numbered editions and have a certificate of authenticity signed by Dr Vernon Neppe in the front.
They vary in price (click the appropriate one at NOT SURE WHICH KIND OF COPY OF CRY THE BELOVED MIND TO PURCHASE
Millennial Copy (Numbered 6-10)  $149.95
Millennial Copy (Numbered 11-20) $99.95
Millennial Copy (Numbered 21-50) $77.95
Millennial Copy (Numbered 51-99) $42.95

CRY THE BELOVED MIND  is a book about hope: optimism for those with even the most extreme conditions of the mind. Those in distress will benefit enormously by the positive message of success. But then so will those interested in psychology, medicine or even a new style of writing.

The author, Vernon Neppe has outstanding credentials. He is an internationally recognized pioneer in the fields of neuropsychiatry,  psychopharmacology, and psychiatry, communicates that real caring, humanity, knowledge, humor, respect and warmth that we all want in our physicians.

We can identify compassionately with every unique and fascinating patient, learn to respect them, and participate in an engaging medical detective mystery of finding solutions to the seemingly insoluble.

This is a book you do not want to miss. Every page educates and enthralls the reader—whether patient, physician, intelligent general reader, student or therapist—touching important social issues ranging from gun control to informed consent. The book's broad spectrum engages interest while fascinating and teaching all at the same time.

Far more than pharmacology, this book delivers meaning for those who have lost it. Viktor Frankl did so in an abstract sense, and Norman Vincent Peale more pragmatically in his theological directions. This book promises to be the medical and pharmacological equivalent, unfolding through twelve chapters the hope that, by careful evaluation, patients can, should and will get better.

The chapters form a series of linked stories blending several real patients together into one, the first book applying Dr. Neppe's style of "sciction" --- science through literature. Through these fictitious case histories, Dr. Neppe explores how correction of the underlying biology of the brain can do wonders for one's mind. The use of extensive dialogue simplifies complex concepts, and allows easier targeting of specific areas of the book, such as depression and anxiety, seizures, psychoses and movement disorders. Dr. Neppe provides insights into drug interactions as well as fashionable alternative medicines,  like St John's wort, so that it feels like one is consulting with this master clinician.

Cry the Beloved Mind has the qualities of a classic—a new style of educating, a voyage of hope for those with difficulties and a wonderful introduction to the area for students of psychology, medicine, as well as members of family and friends of patients.
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